Anthony Weiner Calls Debt Ceiling Standoff ‘A Mistake,’ Gets Testy With Hannity


weinerFormer New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and Fox News host Sean Hannity discussed Weiner’s campaign, the current fiscal impasse and Weiner’s future as a news anchor during a colorful Wednesday interview.

Hannity began by asking a question all too familiar for Weiner: “What…were you thinking?”

Weiner, who conceded the New York Democratic primary election with less than 5 percent of the vote, attempted to drive conversation away from what he called “a grueling election.”

“I understand you want to talk about me. I was invited on here to talk about other things,” said Weiner.

Though Hannity tried his hand at getting a little more out of Weiner, the former congressman made clear that he was interested in talking about current issues. Hannity conceded, agreeing to move on to a discussion surrounding health care and the debt ceiling, and Weiner told the host he believes the debt limit needs to be raised.

“I think these are bills incurred by the Congress,” Weiner said. “The debt ceiling should be raised. Boehner believes that, the president believes that, I believe that, you believe that. So what’s the argument? Just do it.”

Weiner explained that a deal hasn’t been made because “people play politics with the debt limit.”

“Playing a game of standoff with the economy,” he said, “that’s a mistake.”

Weiner posited several times that he and Hannity were in agreement regarding the debt ceiling, so when the host showed some hesitation, Weiner demanded he explain, straightforward, his stance on the raising debt limit.

“I think we have to, in the end,” Hannity said.

Weiner explained that he didn’t understand why, then, the debt limit hadn’t been increased if everyone seemed to agree it was necessary. He suggested the only thing holding Congress back was the desire to get something else out of it.

“The question is, do you hold the raising of the debt limit and the entire economy hostage unless you get everything you want?” Weiner said.

Hannity grew frustrated with Weiner’s questions, joking that he must be “auditioning for MSNBC.” The Fox host compared Weiner with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews because he “won’t shut up.”

“Why is it you don’t wanna have someone who pushes you a little on the basic assumptions of your argument?” Weiner asked. “Fox apparently has much lower standards.”

“You really wanna talk about low standards? You really wanna go there?” Hannity asked.

“I’ll go wherever you want. I’m not here for an interview, apparently,” Weiner said.


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