An Unexpected Lesson from Within Prison: Jonathan Donates to Shuvu


pollard-smallGoing through the mail at the Shuvu office in New York this past Friday, one particular envelope caught the eye of the Shuvu secretary. It was an envelope from the United States Treasury.

Her bewilderment grew as she opened the envelope and saw that it contained a donation check for Shuvu for $10 – from the United States Treasury.

She then noticed that the Agency name listed on the check was: Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons in Washington DC.

“How did Shuvu get a donation from prison?” Mrs. Schon asked herself. But then, continuing to read further. the answer became clear. The following lines read:

09185016, Pollard, Jonathan

Charitable Contribution

The $10 donation sent by Jonathan Pollard to Shuvu.
The $10 donation sent by Jonathan Pollard to Shuvu.

Despite being incarcerated for over 20 years, Jonathan Pollard has not forgotten the importance of a Jewish education for the children in Israel – a Shuvu education – and with the limited funds he has access to, he made a donation to Shuvu.

Pollard’s donation was in response to an emergency campaign launched recently by Shuvu to save 6 of its schools – 1,366 students – on the verge of closure due to the financial crisis.

An anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations over $100, thus making each donation even more meaningful/

What Jonathan Pollard realizes in prison is that the future of Am Yisroel lies in the education received by children. Only an education including strong Jewish identity and values can achieve and guarantee this future.

{Elisha Newscenter}




  1. Amein. He is so brave. We have forgotten to daven for him and for his release, and forgotten to send him mail. This is a good reason to send him a letter! I looked in archives and found this address:

    Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
    FCI Butner POB 1000
    Butner, North Carolina

    He needs our mail as much as he needs our prayers.

  2. This is a great story, except it did not happen last Friday. How do I know? Because Shuvu had a parlor meeting on 07/20 at R’ Gedalya Weinberger’s house, and they had a huge blowup of that check for all to see.
    Just a free fact check; no charge.


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