Americans’ View Of Congress: Throw ‘Em Out


congressA mere 5 percent of voters think most members of Congress have done a good enough job to deserve re-election, according to a CBS News Poll released Wednesday. While this number has been low historically, 5 percent is the lowest ever recorded in CBS News polls; nearly nine in 10 say it’s time to give new people a chance.

And voters are only slightly happier with their own congressional representative. Just 29 percent (a record low) think their own House member deserves re-election, and 62 percent think it’s time for someone new. In past midterm election years, more voters have supported their own representative’s re-election.

Conversely, despite registering consistently low numbers, Congress rarely sees mass turnover. Since 1994, the House has seen a re-election rate of at least 90 percent, except in 2010 when there was an 85 percent re-election rate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Less than six months until this year’s midterm elections, and voters now are not especially enthusiastic about voting; more than four in 10 are less enthusiastic about voting this year compared to previous congressional elections. There is also a partisan enthusiasm gap: 44 percent of Republicans say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year, compared to 36 percent of Democrats. Independents’ level of enthusiasm is similar to that of Democrats.

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  1. I will believe these polls when an actual election results in the replacement of a majority of the Senators and Congressmen up for re-election. That has never happened.

  2. Lets start with throwing out the despicably lying Harry Reid who has turned Senate rules upside down and destroyed all positive vestiges of what the United States Senate used to be.

    Well, okay. So Reid is not up this year. Let’s at least put this draconian dinosaur in the minority before he is put out to pasture in 2016.


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