Americans Prefer Term ‘Global Warming’


globe-global-warming-worldIt’s a throw-down between “global warming” and “climate change.” According to a study from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications, the term global warming “is associated with greater public understanding, emotional engagement, and support for personal and national action than the term climate change.”

More so than using the term climate change, global warming also provokes more certainty that the phenomenon is actually happening and provokes willingness to campaign for the issue. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Climate change decorates the wisdom of ongoing changes.
    Global warming decorates only the excess.

    Climate change is scientifically true and global warming is giving credit to poorer beginnings.

    Choose climate change for orthodox discussions.

  2. Doesn’t matter – it’s too late already. It’s here, it’s escalating, and you better get rid of your Florida real estate.


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