American Yated Ne’eman Statement On NY State Toeivah Marriage Bill


yated-logo-1The Yated Ne’eman of America has released the following statement in respose to the proposal in New York State to legally redefine marriage:

The Yated wishes to voice its strong opposition to the new proposals by the New York City Mayor and the New York State Governor to legally redefine marriage in New York State and New York City. There are four reasons why this legislation should be opposed.The Founders of this great nation embraced the idea of building a moral and virtuous society in this country in a manner that would enable all peoples to be able to fulfill both their inalienable rights as well as their inalienable duties.

These inalienable rights and duties are part of what can be called Natural Law. From Moses to Cicero, to Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, Natural Law has always defined the distinction between that which is just and that which is unjust, between right and wrong. The idea of “Justice at Nuremberg” was characterized by Natural Law, since according to Nazi German law – the murder of Jews, gypsies, and those of a homosexual orientation was entirely legal. No society or government should be able to legislate laws or rules that undermine these Natural Laws. Just as a government is proscribed from legalizing murder and theft, so too may it not undermine other Natural Laws.

Secondly, The Yated believes that once we begin to redefine the basic integrity of the family structure in this nation, state, or city, we begin to fall down a slippery slope. Such a move will give rise to a movement to legalize the right to have multiple wives. It will give legitimacy to those who wish to allow marriages to one’s sister, daughter, son or to two sisters simultaneously. It will even give legitimacy to those who wish to enter the bonds of matrimony with
favorite pets and animals.

Thirdly, modern social science and scientific inquiry has demonstrated the need of both a mother and a father to help foster the normal psycho-social development of children. While there are times when this is not possible, government should make every effort to improve the ideal environment in which children should be raised. Redefining marriage will lead to a disaster similar to that which Romania experienced in its orphan crisis in the late sixties and early seventies.

Fourthly, to redefine the parameters of marriage is a subtle, sarcastic, and insidious attempt to undermine the beliefs and principles of those who uphold the sanctity of Natural Law. It is an insult to Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and practitioners of other religions of this great nation.

The Yated believes that it is our inalienable duty as citizens of this nation, regardless of our race, religion, or creed, to uphold the Natural definition of marriage and strongly oppose this proposed initiative.

{Elisha Newscenter}



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