Alert: Not All Pre-Pesach Clothing Drives Are the Same


pesach-dropoff-clothingFrum Yidden in various communities have been surprised to learn that a number of pre-Pesach clothing collection efforts this year are not directing the clothing to families in Eretz Yisroel or other needy Jewish families. Because there are indeed some clothing drives for poor or needy families in Eretz Yisroel or elsewhere, some have assumed that all such drives spearheaded by mosdos, schools or chessed organizations are designed in the same way. In fact, however, has learned that a number of such drives will be sending the clothes off to be sold for pennies on the dollar, with the money then going to benefit the mosad or organization.

“This is important to know for two reasons,” an askan related. “Firstly, for the sake of integrity, so that people giving their clothes know where they are going and are not under any misconception as they clean out their closets.

“Secondly,” he continued, “I have been told by some people that they were careful not to donate old or worn out clothes, because they didn’t want a fellow Yid to have to wear their well-used items, preferring to donate only their better-quality garments that they no longer need or that they have outgrown. In cases where the clothes are being sold rather than given to other Jewish families, those donating might want to keep this in mind, as the quality of the garments may not be a factor to consider.”

{Reuven Newscenter}


  1. I know an organization that does send the clothes. in fact you can check there website and see pictures of the clothing in 30 different community’s throughout Israel.
    Here is a quote from their website,
    “Each article of clothing begins its journey at community drop off sites in the United States, travels 6000 miles across the ocean and finally reaches its destination in the home of a needy Jewish family.”
    check out the website

  2. I know many people who have donated to yad leah which sends its clothing to many communities in Israel including Itamar, Beitar Illit, and many others.
    This organization os one of the most organized clothing collectors and distributors out there!

  3. In Lakewood, give it to Deja New!!!!!! they sort all the clothing and sell it for very very cheap to needy families in Lakewood.

  4. the last time I checked there was a fee to defray shipping cost to drop off clothing at one of the sites that sends it abroad. This is why I chose the other site since there is no charge. I would rather the clothing went to yidden but do not want to pay for it.

  5. the problem is people are going to drop of clothing and they are getting charged to give them the clothing.People would rather throw out the clothing unfortunately due to that fee.

  6. It seems that the same people that are in charge of the “Shaimos” (lol) trucks, are in charge of the “clothing” trucks. It’s all one big farce & a terrible Chillul Hashem! These troubled youth manning the trucks make up the price as they go, trying to figure out each person if they have money or not!


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