Alert: Dozens of Fraudulent Olive Oil Labels on Israeli Store Shelves


olive-oil-menorahAlthough the incidence of phony olive oil is diminishing, dozens of fraudulent products are still sold in Eretz Yisroel. The National Unit for the Enforcement of the Law Against Kashrus Fraud in Eretz Yisroel has issued a warning against fake olive oil brands hitting the shelves before Chanukah.

Some bottles of oil bearing false kashrus labels were seized last year, but the list also includes fake oils caught in recent years because they are still being sold.

Unit director Rafi Yochai said that in light of the numerous incidents of deceitful product marketing, which harms the public’s health and consumer rights, kashrus certification cannot be granted to manufacturers that do not meet industry standards.

Fake olive oil can often be detected based on rock-bottom prices of 10-20 shekel.

{Yair Israel based on a Deiah veDibur report}


  1. There are several communities in Israel as SHILO and YAVNEH that produces JEWISH OLIVE OIL under all halachic supervision—-buy it and use it even though it is more expensive than the typical Italian or Turkish brands.


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