AKO Establish Liquor Committee to Confront Changing Kashrus Status


wineA bottle of Scotch at a Kiddush in Monsey is quickly removed by the local rabbi after he had received word that the kashrus of the brand was in question. This scene has been repeating itself with increasing frequency, prompting the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) to establish a Liquor Committee.

According to Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, the executive director of AKO, the purpose of the committee will be “to keep up with the latest fast developing changes in the liquor world and how it affects its kashrus status.”

Three sub-committees were formed to focus on Scotch, Beer, and American and Canadian whiskeys. AKO is preparing to host a Vaadim (local kashrus committees) Convention in Dallas on February 22nd and 23rd. Over 60 representatives from the local kashrus committees will be meeting to discuss standards that affect their respective jurisdictions including; Savannah, Oregon, San Antonia, Nova Scotia, Florida, Houston, Detroit, Kansas, Waterbury, Minnesota, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.

{KosherToday/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I hope that they say that all this stuff is one hundred percent treif. Whiskey has ruined countless families and lives. It is time for us to totally asser all types of alcohol based drinks.

  2. I still cannot fathom why the former wine (i.e., “??? ???? –– “??? ??? ) barrels in which fine whiskies are aged are not ???? ??? with respect to the whiskies being aged in them.

  3. Rav Heineman and the Star K in Baltimore recently published an Accepted Liquors” list. There are dozens of mainstream brands that they approve. Their guidelines do NOT sanction any scotch whiskey that is aged in former wine casks.

    With such a list, I don’t get what AKO is making such a fuss about?


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