Agudah Responds to Obama’s Desire to Rejoin UN Human Rights Council


rabbi-abba-cohenThe following statement from Agudath Israel’s Washington Office Director And Counsel Rabbi Abba Cohen is in response to President Obama’s announced desire to rejoin the U.N. Human Rights Council:

The Obama Administration’s announced desire to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council is unfortunate and unwelcome news.

 The Council’s embrace of tyrants and abandonment of its mandate in countries where human rights violations are among the worst in the world have made this body an abettor of persecution rather than the protector of the persecuted.

Its absurd obsession with, and constant condemnation of, Israel, has made the Council nothing more than a breeding ground for anti-Semitic hatred and a rallying point for those who seek to legitimize that hatred. 

The United States spoke strongly when it refused to be part of this charade. It made clear that appeasement of rogue nations does not promote peace and human rights – that it only emboldens evil. It was an important and unequivocal statement. We greatly fear the ominous statement the Obama Administration’s reversal will represent. 

 { Newscenter}


  1. Today, the UNRWA was modeh al haemes regarding attacks on israel and israeli suffering.
    Maybe by taking a front row seat, the us can effect some good on the two year old council.


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