Actor in Swine Flu Ad Catches Swine Flu


swine-flu-adThe actor from a popular UK public service announcement about how to avoid swine flu … has been diagnosed with swine flu. In the advertisement from the U.K. Department of Health, actor David McCusker first sneezes the “wrong” way in an elevator, spraying mucus everywhere, then sneezes the “right” way – into a tissue, which he promptly throws away and washes his hands.

The campaign’s tagline: “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It.”

Except now, according to the Daily Mail, McCusker has been diagnosed with swine flu.

“It was a shock when I found out,” McCusker told the paper.

“I quarantined myself and I’ve been getting lots of [grief] from mates,” he said. “I was supposed to ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’ but instead I’ve been shivering, shaking and spreading it.”

About 36 in the UK have died from the virus. Click here to watch the ad. (You will be transfered to YouTube.)

{trhfeed/ Newscenter}


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