Abbas Says He’ll Turn to International Community Against Israel


abbasIsraeli warplanes pounded targets in theĀ Gaza Strip this morning as a major campaign to stop volleys of Palestinian rocket fire entered its second day.

A strike on a home in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza, claimed the lives of a commander of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, his parents, a woman and two children, said emergences services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra.

The deaths brought to 28 the toll of dead terrorists since the launch of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge early on Tuesday.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has demanded Israel “immediately stop” its air campaign and called on the international community to pressure the Jewish state.

“The Palestinian Authority will go to all international organisations to seek protection for the Palestinian people,” he said in a televised statement late last night.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. why don’t you tell YOUR PEOPLE to stop!!!!They are the ones who are causing the suffering!!!!!!!WAKE UP AND SEE THINGS IN A TRUE LIGHT FOR A CHANGE!!!OBVIOUSLY , YOU ONLY SEE FALSEHOOD!!!

  2. He sounds just like the squatter at 1600 Penn. Ave. Is he totally indifferent to what caused this all??? Rockets rain in every single day upon innocent people and this piece of lard can actually declare that Israel is the aggressor??!! Has he totally forgotten the parades his “people??” celebrate each time Israel suffer even the minutest damage? Has he forgotten how they glorify killers?
    Oh, he hasn’t forgotten – he thinks the world did!!! He’s right!!

  3. While you’re at it Abbas could you also ask the international community to tell the Palestinians to “immediately stop” firing rockets at Israel.That certainly would be helpful.

  4. Has this thing a clue of why this all began? The rockets are still being shot at our citizens and says he’ll ask the international community to force us to stop!
    All we’re doing is taking out the terrorists. Are we really supposed to feel remorseful that the Islamic leader of al Quds and his family were sent to meet their 72…. They’re killers and aggressors – what rights do they have?
    IAF, keep on pounding!

  5. please remember oll tiv’tichu b’nidivim. the arabs have turned our children into their type of monsters so why aren’t they pleased? and that hurts me more than the murder of the three k’doshim


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