Abbas: Palestinians Who Kill Jews Cannot Be Punished


abbasPalestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas again insisted at a two-day “Freedom and Dignity” conference in Ramallah last week that Palestinians who murder Israeli Jews cannot be punished.

The conference was to mark the 11th anniversary of Israel’s arrest of Marwan Barghouti, who, according to Israel Today, is a senior member of Abbas’ Fatah party who was convicted of directing “numerous terrorist attacks against Israelis.”

Israel Today reports that polls show the majority of Palestinians want Mr. Barghouti for president if he is ever released.

Mr. Abbas declared that many of the Palestinians who were jailed after killing Jewish men, women and children must not be held accountable for their crimes.

Israel Today also points out the support Abbas’ position receives from America and Europe.

Isabelle Durant, vice president of the European Parliament, was in attendance at the conference and read a speech on behalf of the European Parliament president, Martin Schulz.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter also sent a videotaped speech in which he stressed that Israel setting the Palestinian murderers free is a necessary condition for peace, Israel Today reports.


{ Newscenter}


  1. If setting the murderers free is a necessary condition for peace, is the US willing to accept them. Easy for Carter to speak when the murderers would not be roaming free on his land. Murderers don’t go free in the US for peace, why should that be normal for Israel.

  2. would Jimmy Carter also approve of releasing Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a san act of good faith to appeasing the Muslims for searching their bags when they go through our airports?

  3. Make one big cholent of these four pieces of inhuman trash, can themout and label the cans as dog food! Problem is the dogs would die from the toxins these animals carry.


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