Video: A Brooklyn Man’s Kitchen Surprise – His Cell Phone Turns On His Oven


stovetop[Video below.] A Brooklyn man would like to know why his oven can be turned on by his cell phone.

It’s true, says 1010 Wins reporter Sonia Rincon. And needless to say, it’s extremely dangerous.

When Andrei Melnikov’s Sony Erickson PDA is within about two feet of the stove, an incoming call will make the Maytag Magic Chef stove beep, and the digital display will light up, indicating that the broiler is on high. Open it up and you’ll see the gas flames streaming out of the broiler’s burners as it begins cooking anything inside it in 500-plus degree heat.

cell-phone-ovenThe first time it happened was last Monday. Melnikov says the phone was sitting on the kitchen counter when it rang. As he answered it, he remembers hearing a faint beep, but as he walked away and spoke with the caller, his mind was on the conversation. Minutes later, he smelled smoke. He checked his computer and other electronic devices in the apartment on his way to the kitchen. He he knew he hadn’t turned on anything in there. But his phone apparently had. And the kitchen was filling with smoke.

When Melnikov ran into the kitchen, he found a piece of plastic cookware left inside the oven on fire, which he quickly removed and doused with water. He called the landlord, explaining that somehow the oven had turned on by itself. Once the landlord was in the apartment, Melnikov remembered the phone call. A test call later, and the culprit had been identified.

Both Melnikov and his wife Lina, who was not home when this happened, say even though this is the first time it happened in the three years they’ve had both the phone and stove, they can’t sleep knowing this might happen again. They fear for their pet chinchillas, and are thankful Melnikov didn’t walk out the door with the oven left on.

They are keeping the stove unplugged, but plugged it back in briefly to provide me a demonstration.

Melnikov says he has spoken with the Maytag company which has promised to send out a repair team and identify the problem.

Click below to see it on video:

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{Noam Newscenter/1010 WINS}


  1. If he’s so worried about the phone turning on the oven, why doesn’t he just turn off the PHONE when he goes to sleep instead of the ove??

  2. to crazy- hey, maybe the man was a yeshivish guy 🙂 . You never hid plastic or Shabbos dishes in your oven, to keep your kitchen clean on Shabbos?
    I highly doubt he’s Jewish with that name, but I’m surprised you never heard of someone hiding items in their oven, unless you have a big enough dishwasher to keep your kitchen spotless Shabbos or Yom Tov afternoons.


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