92,000 Intermarried Families in Israel


jewish-intermarraigeNinety-two thousand intermarried families currently live in Eretz Yisroel, according to findings presented before the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women, which discussed on Tuesday ways to prevent assimilation.

“We must confront the fact that the State has not made education a priority, which is the only thing that can prevent Jewish women from tying their lives to non-Jews,” said Committee Chairwoman MK Tzipi Hotovely of Likud. “We need study programs for high school girls that would deal with Jewish identity. The fact that girls come to the point of assimilation demonstrates that the education system isn’t functioning properly,” she added.

{Eliezer Rauchberger-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. this all starts from the cause of all yidden not being together as one (which is needed in order for mashiach to come) & people that need kiruv not getting it in their time of need, causing them to turn themselves away from Judaism Rachmana L’tzlan & go to somewhere that they will be appreciated NOW IS THE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO STOP BEING SELF-CENTERED & START CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER-no matter what level of Yiddishkeit the person is on rather chassidish, heimish, frei or reform etc…
    IDEAS: invite some non shomer shabbos neighbors to a shabbos meal in your house, learn with a friend at work that needs kiruv for JUST a few minutes a day before work begins, Join oorah, Shuvu, Lev L’achim, partners in torah or many other kiruv programs to help bring someone back to yiddishkeit

    if you save one person it is as if you saved an entire world… we don’t even know who can be the children of someone you brought back to yiddishkeit…

  2. its so sad. an number one daas torah how about being sad and feel bad and maybe think a little beyond being judgemental. and see there maybe a variety of things contributing to this problem. if we feel sad and compassion for them nebach-we may be able to help. your response not only doesnt do this any good it perpetuates the exact opposite and you in some way will ad d too the 92 thousand!!! is that what you want> btw plenty of them are probably turned off by negative thoughts and ppl like u seem to be. point fingers but do that in the mirror!! with this may Hashem help us that this staggering stat should go down and we elevate our selves to Shemen Zais zach!!(seemmedrash beggining of parsha

  3. so sad I wish that they would only understand what they are doing. Only old age and time will reveal the true extent of their choices may G=d help them!


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