92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Eta Eckstein Evicted from Brooklyn Apartment


bay-ridge-brooklynA Brooklyn family is trying to overturn the eviction of a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor. While recovering from a fall at a nearby rehabilitation center, Eta Eckstein was apparently booted out of her rent-controlled Bay Ridge apartment.Her grandson says Eckstein had continue to pay $600-a-month throughout her stay at the rehab facility and tried to return to the apartment on Bay Parkway last spring but found it in disrepair.

Eckstein’s family says the ceiling in her bathroom had collapsed.

“This is her home, she’s lived there for 40 years,” says her grandson. “She should have to right to return and not have this guy take advantage of a situation by creating an unsafe space and then kicking her out.”

The family says landlord Morris Piller, once dubbed “King of the Slumlords,” was telling people that Eckstein had died. In court papers, Piller apparently claimed that Eckstein was renting out the apartment to others, which the family says is not true.

An attorney for Piller disputes the family’s account. He maintains Eta Eckstein hadn’t lived in her apartment for quite some time, which is a legal no-no in New York City.

“This was a legal eviction,” said lawyer Robert Rosenblatt. “The tenant had not occupied the apartment for two years.”

{BayRidgeTalk/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I am a landlord, If one of my tenants left
    for a year or two and continued to pay rent
    then the apartment is theirs. $600.00 a month
    is a very law rent and that is why he found the
    opportunity to evict her. He has no heart


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