9/11/11 – Mr. Giuliani, It’s Time To Decide


giulianiBy Eric Golub

A decade ago, the nation grieved as Islamofascist terrorists hijacked four American planes and turned them into weapons of mass destruction.

Three-thousand Americans were murdered, and on the ten year anniversary of the tragedy every single name was mentioned.

September 11th is no time for politics, but retuning to normal is vital. September 12th is where we stop asking what happened and why it happened and start asking how we make sure a horror like this never happens again.

In the midst of everything else is the presidential race. As 2012 approaches, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had better heed the calling.

Mayor Giuliani, your entire political career has been about decisive leadership. Your book is entitled “Leadership.” America is desperate for leadership.

The time is now sir.

You absolutely must run for President, and you must run hard enough to win.

You have to do it sir. You cannot sit on the sidelines any more as this nation crumbles. Dare I say, you have a moral obligation to seek the White House.

The current crop of GOP candidates are fine people. Most of them would make a very good Republican President. All of them are far better than the current occupant. Yet they all have one thing in common.

None of them are you.

September 11th of 2011 marks ten years since the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Third world genocidal lunatics are still trying to kill us all. America needs a leader who will spend every waking moment of his presidency making sure that we are kept safe.

Americans are war weary, which makes it even more important that a warrior lead us through our toughest times. Your resume has been repeated throughout the years, but too many people need to hear it again:

§  As a prosecutor during the Reagan years, you took on and beat the Mafia. Organized crime has been a shell of its former self since then.

§  You ran for Mayor against a liberal black man in a liberal city where Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than three to one. Your strategy against David Dinkins was brilliant and truthful. Despite being a white Republican, you removed racial politics from the campaign by repeatedly emphasizing that Mayor Dinkins was a good and decent man who was not tough enough for the job.

§   Every other candidate in 2008 was intimidated by Barack Obama’s race. You would not be. You would focus squarely on his record.

§  Your record as Mayor of New York was one of the most successful records of any chief executive in the history of American government. You took an unlivable city that was dying and revitalized it.

§  On the economic front, you cut taxes 23 times, reduced regulations, and made New York a place for commerce. Revenues skyrocketed, a testament to your commitment to supply side economics. Once boarded up and abandoned, Gotham City was reopened for business.

§  You cracked down on crime, understanding that small crime does lead to larger crime. You beat back the dreaded squeegee men, and your broken windows theory of policing absolutely lowered violent crime. Your Comstat metric system for measuring crime seems commonplace now, but it did not exist until you showed up and implemented it.

§  With Comast you reduced black on black crime. As far as most people are concerned, this makes your civil rights commitment better than the racial grievance mongers who publicly despised you but thanked the heavens you won the Mayoralty and saved their lives and their communities. Your welfare reductions were not cruel. They were a response to the collapsing state of the black family. Your policies in dealing with the homeless were not mean. Taking people freezing to death on the street and getting them indoors where they could find food and shelter is the heart of compassion.

§  New York Mayors rarely have to deal with foreign policy, but you were drawn into global geopolitics when the War on Terror began. First you had to secure the city, comfort the grieved, and attend the funerals of far too many NYPD, FDNY, and EMTs. You saw 3000 of your citizens killed in an act of evil, and you called out this barbarism by name.

We now have a president who wants to close Guantanamo Bay, end coercive interrogation methods, prosecute the very people keeping us safe, and throw Israel under the bus while quietly enable her enemies through indecision and inaction. We have seen terrorist attacks at Fort Hood and near catastrophic attacks in the form of the Christmas Day Bomber and other close calls. Osama bin Laden was killed, but the very intelligence gathering used to get him is being undermined.

This cannot continue. America needs to take the fight to the enemy, and your commitment to security is unwavering.

Mayor Giuliani, you were the man who returned the ten million dollar blood money gift back to that Saudi Prince and told him where to stick it. You were the man who threatened to have terrorist Yassir Arafat arrested if he dared attend New York City nightlife.

Your critics point out your 2008 run, which was less than stellar. You let your friendship with John McCain interfere with trying to win. You put loyalty and friendship above victory. Senator McCain is not running again, removing this concern.

The Jayson Blair (New York) Times ran a hit piece about you and your wife that was pure vengeance. They hated you because your Mayoralty was a success while their world view was being exposed as the failure it has always been. The Jayson Blair Times lied about you, and another presidential run would be a great way for you to get the last word. At the very least it would finally allow Paul Krugman to be fitted for a straitjacket.

America is sick and tired of typical politicians. We want real leaders. We want a president who will call evil by its true name without being afraid of offending Radical Islamic terrorists.

We want a president unafraid of directly confronting the lunatics from the angry left as well as those from the planet Rapulon, who insist that America’s policies were to blame for 9/11.

We want a president who knows how to create jobs while protecting our very way of life.

Mr. Giuliani, the stakes are too high for you to stay on the sideline. You owe it to your country to seek the White House again. No man willing to take on al Qaeda will worry about some GOP primary. It is your job to make your case.

World civilization is teetering. Yet that is not the only ticking clock. Primary season is almost upon us.

New York’s Bravest and Finest rushed into burning buildings to help people they did not know because that is what people of character do. They don’t give speeches. They roll up their sleeves get to work, and solve problems, no matter how intractable. It is time for you to get to work and rebuild America like you did New York City.

Mayor Giuliani, Ronald Reagan needed three tries to win the White House. Abraham Lincoln had several losses. You lost your first Mayoral race before rebounding. 2008 was not your time. 2012 is ready for you.

You have to do this sir. You have a duty to do it. Americans cannot follow you unless you are willing to once again lead them.

The waiting game must end, and it must end now. You have to run for President.

It’s decision time Your Honor.

Run now. Run hard. Then win.

{The Washington Times/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I imagine matzav and most of its readership would oppose gulliani, considering he his pro-toeiva rights. Or is consistancy too much to seek?

  2. Something about his way of speaking at the 9-11 memorial just didn’t sit right with me. I think it is a impedement and he wont appeal to the vast USA. I do wish him the best!

  3. Yankel, don’t be an idiot. There’s a big difference between how “matzav readers” feel about a self-proclaimed Orthodox Jew promoting “toeiva rights” than a goy doing so. And there are much bigger issues to look at when voting for president than for congressman.

  4. On the other hand, he is terrible on social issues. A great mayor does not necessarily make even an okay president (see the Peter Principle).

  5. i still remeber when Rudy refused to shake hands with the murder arafat y’s
    Rudy is a men of guts, who is going to take the hard decisions in dealing with Iran , etc.
    run Rudy run!


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