9/11 First Responders Not Invited To 10th Anniversary Ceremony At Ground Zero


9-11-firemen-flagFirst responders will not be invited to this year’s 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero. That’s the word from city officials who say there isn’t enough room for the tens of thousands of firefighters, police and other rescue workers.According to a report by the Daily News, security issues and making sure that all of the victims’ families will be able to participate in the 10th anniversary of 9/11, contributed to first responders not being invited to the ceremony.

Phil, a construction worker at Ground Zero, says the city needs to figure out a way to have first responders at this anniversary.

“I think that they should be allowed to go because too many of their brothers and sisters lost their lives and they should be the first ones that are included,” he said. “They should make it happen. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people here who shouldn’t be here.”

First responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date.

Both President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush will be at this year’s ceremony as well as former mayor Rudy Giuliani and other dignitaries, meaning extra security will be on hand.

In addition, only a limited number of lawmakers from the Tri-state area will be allowed to attend.

On Friday, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner said the government would be paying for representatives from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to attend the ceremony.

An estimated 91,000 police, firefighters and other first responders helped with the search and rescue efforts in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

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  1. “That’s the word from city officials who say there isn’t enough room”

    nobody says there is not enough room when they are dispatched to an emergency…


  3. I’m Not Invited To Ground Zero On 9/11

    I strapped a gun on my hip and a badge on my chest
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I lost my right kidney to cancer
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    My left kidney is at stage III renal failure
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I lost my thyroid to cancer
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I have a lesion on the right side of my brain
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from lung scarring, inflamation, atelectasis
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from chronic bronchitis, small airway disease, growing lung nodules
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from a chronic cough
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from sinusitis and rinitis
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer at the hands of our self-serving politicians
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    There was one other time I was not invited to ground zero
    Guess it was a good thing myself and thousands of others showed up

    Sgt. Michael Swannick

  4. To our representatives, dignitaries, and lawmakers. If there isn’t enough room for everyone, why not help out the people who risk their lives for you every day. Stay home, and pay your respects in your own way. Sept. 11, is not a good time to have a photo op. Want to kill your career? Don’t invite the first responders to the 10th anniversary ceremony. I’m sure the country will remember you when re-election time arrives. I know I will.

  5. This is so wrong. And I thank each and everyone of the first responders who went their and risked their lives to save others should be there. I have so much respect for all the firefighters, ems, etc. Who risk their lives everyday to help others! Thank you for all that you do!

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I put this on Youtube, please help spread the word. Maybe, just maybe (although highly unlikely) we can embarrass the politicians into yielding. Don’t do it for me, do it for all the First Responders that DESERVE to be there.

  7. The tragedy of 9/11 is forever ingrained in each of us. EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN is a victims’ family member, in some way, shape, or form. We will always share this. How can we not?

    Our entire being as ‘The United States Of America’, was forever changed. Each of us remembers where we were, what we ere doing, who we were with, when the pictures started bombarding every media network/station. What happened? What is happening? What’s going to happen? IS IT REAL?

    Then we realized: We NEED help! Who’s going to help us? Where are they? Like any emergency, we all KNOW & EXPECT to see police, fire, ems rescue, etc…on the scene immediately, learning the facts, calling the shots, taking control of, & ultimately resolving whatever the situation. We TRUST them explicitly to make life sustaining decisions. We depend on them more than we might realize in chaotic, emergency situations. Who are they? While the rest of us are running AWAY from an emergency, 1st responders are those we passed on our way, only they were running TO the emergency. It’s who they are, it’s what they do!

    So, who was there 1st? Who’s going to help us & where are they? Not me, not my neighbors, not my family(not until we call the US NAVY), friends, or anyone I actually know. It was, OF COURSE, NYC’s fire, police, medical, & all other rescue personnel. Other cities/states came to assist/relieve/backup, but this is on NY’s 1st responders’ territory & ALL THE COUNTRY is watching, waiting, crying, praying & at times, cheering for them. We bonded in a certain way that day. Can any of us quickly recall an image on tv or in print that didn’t have a glimpse of at least 1 or more 1st responders included? (True with the OKC bombing as well, the most publicized/remembered photo is OKC FD carrying the baby from the rubble).

    2011 brings the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A statement released by NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s office read as follows: “This year’s memorial ceremony will be focused on the victims’ family members. City officials have determined Ground Zero is not enough room, therefore, NYC’s 1st responders, WILL NOT be invited. A ceremony honoring them will be held at a later date.”

    OK REWIND THAT…..must be a misprint. DID I REALLY just read that NYC’s mayor(& city officials)said out loud & in print: “there is not enough room” as a reason to not invite, or honor/thank/remember the 1st responders. NYC’s mayor & city officials HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS & INDEED HAVE GONE OVER THE TOP ON THIS ONE!

    If there’s not enough room – find it, clear it, build it, JUST do it. It is a sickening disgrace that the 1st responders won’t be there & all the politicians, including the President, will be elbowing for photo ops – REALLY! (Side note: ever notice most all photos of Obama do not include OUR FLAG? This would be 1 stage he would want to have a flag handy….I would think. Maybe there isn’t enough room!) The ones that MY tax dollars are being spent to send, feed, photograph, & secure, can STAY HOME! The ones who deserve to be there MOST – are those who rushed in without hesitation the moment the alarm sounded, those that put themselves in peril to save others, the ones who survived being there that day, that night, the next day, the next night, the day after that, etc. Absolutely, my thoughts are with the victims’ families, but they are EVERYDAY, not just the day’s anniversary date. Aren’t yours? EVERY AMERICAN WAS A VICTIM THAT DAY, & we still are in terms of the life/freedom changes we’ve ALL made & endured. Clearly, former President Bush & former NYC Mayor Giuliani should be present.(Politics aside, they were then, & still are, public faces that we recognize & respect). Their actions/re-actions lead us through a horribly dark situation with solid American resolve. “There isn’t enough room” just keeps echoing in my head…..as I hang it in embarrassment. There was room that day, none were turned away from helping, & now, 10 years later, all NYC officials can come up with is…”1st responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date.” Really? Will it even be on tv or mentioned in local papers? Some thanks! I wonder if all those politicians can pencil it into their schedules at the same time? I wonder what would happen if they were told to “STAY HOME, there’s not enough room?” How many of them would give up their 1 ticket/seat so a 1st responder, even 1 from their hometown, could attend? Answer:”No comment.” The governor of NY, & the NYC mayor & city officials, should give some thought to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s statement on April 19, 2011, the 16th anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing, – “Fallin told those at the ceremony that the memorial is a testament to the sacrifices of those killed and injured in the blast as well as rescue workers who worked tirelessly to rescue survivors and recover the dead.”

    What seems to be Mayor Bloomberg’s problem in getting this done in a respectful, honorable, & American manner? He has the resources of one of our largest cities (& federal gov. as well) at his fingertips. Good God man, HANDLE IT & GET IT DONE PROPERLY! If you have to make some more room, DO IT! Close the streets, bridges, Central Park, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, MS Garden, & the city’s other large venues. Surely you New York city officials can find a place to accommodate 100,000 & then some. Use closed circuit video & other technology to link locations, we do it all the time for other events (especially political). Seat the 1st responders & the victims’ families, & just like the day 9/11/2001 itself, turn NO American away. Put the politicians, officials, etc. that there is room for in last. Except Bush & Giuliani, the only speakers would most likely be fire/police/ems personnel & family members of the victims who lost their lives. I bet the words “not enough room” would take on a different meaning. Shouldn’t it be enough for politicians, officials, representatives, etc. to be there at their own will & own expense, grieving as an individual American, with NO fanfare/news headlines over who sat next to who, whose picture appeared where, who was/wasn’t invited & what the wives wore? Do they not realize by taking a dignified back seat to the ceremony’s intended importance, the rest of us might, even if only for a moment, consider them as fellow Americans? Wouldn’t that make some difference? I suppose we won’t know since the big NYC officials, backed by the mayor’s office, have already decided: “there is not enough room.”

    It is a dark shadow that also will always be remembered – clearly for ALL the wrong reasons. Me, I WAS THERE, not physically, but like every other American, in my heart, thoughts, on my knees in both tears & prayer, & forever in my soul, there will ALWAYS be enough room for each & every American who played a part that day. Obviously, that is ALL OF US. Do we not honor, remember, & THANK, all those involved firsthand, EVERYDAY in our hearts, thoughts, prayers, & by the mere extension of hope for the future?

    To anyone seeking public office from this point forward: I VOTE! So do a lot of other Americans (some of which are New Yorkers) who may/may not be personally attending the ceremony. A fair number of NY politicians find their way to the National stage in some capacities. Mark my words: we are watching/waiting & WILL NOT forget your names should they appear on any ballots we may be marking in the future. Sorry, “THERE WASN’T ENOUGH ROOM” next to your name for us to check the box!

    Michelle R.

  8. I think that this is an absolute disgrace. Like every other country in the world the politicans are looked after while the people who help to keep the world moving and safe are left out. Only for those brave people there would have been alot more deaths. Shame on the politians. They werent helping to bring people to safety or digging for survivors. I think the 1st responders should have pride of place with the families of the victims.

  9. This is just a thought but what about no one showing up for the advent. Snub Obama and Bloomberg. Tell them you don’t want us there for the anniversary then don’t call us when you need help. We can sit back and let your house burn down, or if your in a car wreak try calling a friend to get you to the hospital or out of the trapped car.
    Everyone that responded to the 9/11 emergency and either drove or flew to help sreach and clean up should be given and shown the most respect for doing a job that they didn’t have to do but it was in their caring and giving kind hearts that they give their all to help in any and every way they could.
    Our government does not respect the America citizen anymore so why should we respect them?
    Our government should not be above us nor below us they should be with us and right now they think they are miles above us.

  10. This is just not right. There was a time in America when people had respect for anyone in a uniform. So much has changed. So much has changed since 9/11. We should all be grateful and show some respect. On this anniversary we should show our gratitude for what they did that day, and more importantly for what they did in the days following. I like to share this video of an interview of Lewis Eisenberg in the days following 9/11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmZV9swaRDI


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