82 Shot in Chicago Over Long Weekend


chicago-shootingsThe Fourth of July weekend was a bloody one in Chicago. Eighty-two people were shot and 14 of them killed by a barrage of gun violence. “It started when someone shot and wounded a couple, then two people fired at the shooter, then there was a chase and shots exchanged and a man sitting on a porch was hit,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

Shootings were so rampant that cops on the radio interrupted each other to report new outbursts. One hour on Sunday saw four killed and at least 26 wounded. Victims ranged from ages 14 to 66, though most were in their late teens and 20s. Read more at The Chicago Tribune.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. bli ayin hara, it doesn’t affect most of the Chicago population. Chicago is a segregated city where some live in ghetto-type areas. That is where the crime takes place.
    I asked a cop recently why so many shootings in Chicago and it was interesting that he answered he blames the government!! The more welfare they feed, the more inadequate they feel, which feeds their life of crime!

  2. Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt’l would say that any president that signs
    a national holiday into law is resulting in many people losing their lives. In
    effect he is signing their death sentence. This is the meaning why ??? ???? ???? ????. They must be kept busy or the results are fatal. We see this proven unfortunately time and again.

  3. I love Dov, Joel, Yonni, Levi, Mendy, Yankee, that crazy dude, Sammy, Asher,and all my other supreme Jewish Skokie brothers.
    Chaim Tzvi


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