555,555 Shekel Kesubah


The Yerushalayim Regional Bais Din was called upon to decide whether a kesubah for the sum of 555,555 shekels needed to be paid or not. One of the bais din’s dayonim wrote that a kesubah is a legal document whose terms must be kept even if they seem exaggerated. But the other two dayonim disagreed, arguing that it seemed obvious, as the husband argued, that he promised the grandiose sum in honor of his wedding and because the six digit number is traditionally used to protect against ayin hora.

Following the majority opinion, the bais din ruled that the husband should pay 120,000 shekels and also suggested that a takonah be enacted to halt the minhag of writing exaggerated sums in the kesubah.

 David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


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