5 Lightly Injured in Tel Aviv Stabbing; Attacker Killed


imageA female IDF soldier and four other Israelis were injured on Thursday afternoon by a Palestinian man who stabbed them with a screwdriver in Tel Aviv, near the Defense Ministry and IDF headquarters complex.

Initial reports said the stabber attacked the soldier, wounding her in the head, and then made a failed attempt to seize her gun. As he fled the assailant attacked the four others.

The injured soldier prevented the assailant from grabbing her gun by sitting on it, her mother said later. “She’s tough, my daughter,” her mother said, speaking to reporters. “It’s a miracle from heaven, I thank God, that she emerged from this alive.”

Magen David Adom paramedics reported a woman in her 60s, a man and a woman in their 40s, and the soldier in her 20s, were taken by ambulance to Ichilov Hospital with upper body wounds. The fifth victim made his own way to the hospital.

A group of soldiers from an air force anti-aircraft unit, who were passing by in a car on their way to a meeting at the army headquarters, saw the attack in progress and sprang from the vehicle to engage the terrorist.

One of the soldiers opened fire at the fleeing attacker, killing him further down the road.

Photographs of the dead terrorist showed him to be wearing a T-shirt reading, “Time heals all wounds.”

Police said initial investigations found the attacker was apparently employed on a building site in the area.

The assailant fled the scene but was soon shot dead by security forces in the area of Menachem Begin Road.

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