5 Candidates Seek 2 Seats On Lakewood Township Committee


steven-langert1Lakewood, NJ –  There is a Republican primary for Lakewood Township Committee, in which five candidates are seeking two seats on the Committee this year.

Incumbent Republican Reb Steven Langert  and incumbent Democrat Ray Coles will run for re-election.

Following the announcement of Senators Bob Singer and Sean Kean to run on the same ticket in the newly configured 30th Legislative District, Langert, Lakewood’s deputy mayor, dropped out of the Assembly race and filed to run in the upcoming Republican primaries for Township Committee.

Langert will be challenged by fellow Republicans Hal Halverson and Hershel Herskowitz Moshe Raitzik, a Democrat, will also be running in the election for a seat on the committee.

{Reuven Glaustein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. If Steve was running for Assembly than I take it that was what he wants to do. He may have been scared he may lose so now that another is running against him he backed out pf the assembly race.


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