350 Israeli Rabbis Urging U.S. Legislators: “This Is Your Defining Moment – Oppose Nuclear Deal”


iran talksIn advance of the impending vote on the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the IAEA, the Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) which is composed of over 350 prominent rabbis in Israel and abroad sent the following letter to US Legislators on Capitol Hill:

“Very soon you will be asked to vote for the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). We would like to focus on the terrorist, national security and economic threats – posed by the agreement – to the US, the leader of the Free World, upon whom depends global safety.

“Your vote on the agreement – by every legislator – will either facilitate a nuclear war or spare humanity of a nuclear war. In this age of globalization, every congressional district and State will be impacted by the horrific consequences of the agreement, including the few hundred sleeper cells which are already in place in the USA.

“In the words of the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyomin Netanyahu:

“The Iranians aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they will use the hundreds of billions that they will receive under this agreement in order to arm their terror machine and they are clearly saying that they will continue their struggle against the US and its allies, first among them being Israel, of course.

“Today Iran is arming terrorist organizations with missiles – tomorrow they will have the ability to arm them and themselves with much deadlier weapons. The agreement that was signed paves Iran’s way to arm itself with nuclear weapons within a decade, if Iran decides to honor the agreement, and before then if it decides to violate it, as it is usually does.”

“It is therefore crystal clear the infusion of billions of dollars in sanctions relief will finance Iran’s ongoing global campaign of terror against Israel and other U.S. allies, and be used to further exert its influence across the Middle East thereby harming U.S. interests.”

“We fail to understand President Obama’s and the European countries’ irrational obsession with encouraging and protecting Iran’s nuclear program, which ultimately poses a threat to them as well as Israel.

“As rabbis who represent 350 prominent rabbis in Israel, we prefer to steer away from politics; however, we feel that the current agreement with Iran jeopardizes not only American interests but threatens the very existence of the State of Israel. Therefore, it is not merely a political issue, but a matter of life or death. If we rabbis remain silent in the face of such a threat, we will be failing in our mission and will be committing a grave sin as well.

“Over two thousand years ago, in ancient Persia – present day Iran – Jews faced a similar situation. An “ayatollah” by the name of Haman set a scheme in motion that would have annihilated the entire Jewish nation in a single day. Mordechai, the Jewish leader, turned to his niece Queen Esther, the wife of the Persian king and the highest ranking Jewish official at that time, and appealed to her to intervene on behalf of the Jewish people and ask the king to nullify the decree.

“Esther hesitated, however, and claimed that her actions would not only fail to help, but would make matters worse. Mordechai retorted that this was her defining moment: “If you persist in keeping silent at a time like this, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from somewhere else, but you will have forfeited this privilege. Who knows whether it was just for such a time as this that you attained your royal position.”

“Mordechai’s eternal words ring true today, as well. We have reached a defining moment in the history of Israel and the U.S., and in the lives of those who support her. If you keep silent at a time like this, by not opposing the agreement, relief and deliverance will come to Israel and the U.S. from elsewhere, but you will have forfeited the privilege of standing by them. And who knows — perhaps it was just for such a moment that you were elected to Congress or Senate of the great United States of America.

“We urge you: Oppose this dangerous deal!”


Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky


Rabbi Sholom Gold

Vice Chairman

Rabbi Abraham S. Lewin


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. B”H a group of Rabbanim have come out with a clear call to oppose the dangerous IRAN DEAL.

    To those who say this will harm the Jewish interests and influence in America – remember the silence of the America Jews during the Hitler ym’s reign of terror.

    Now is a MITZVAH with every person who wants to fulfill the MITZVAH of LO SAMOD AL DAM ..to contact their congress person and senator.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  2. Today’s Hamevaser brings a report by the Research Division of Israeli Military Intelligence which says that there are positive dimensions to the deal: It contains signficant achievements for stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons and it will restrain Iran in everything involving terrorist activity in the world. “There are not a few good perspectives in the nuclear agreement, for example the fact that it provides for dialogue between Iran and the US on regional issues in the mid-East such as the civil war in Syria.” Recently dozens of retired Israeli generals signed a letter to Netanyahu telling him to stop fighting the deal, which is already a fait accompli, so that he can position himself and his country to have more input into how the deal is implemented. Another recent report said that even if Congress does override Obama’s expected veto (which is at this point at best an uncertainty) he will still have a lot of executive power to implement a lot of the deal in spite of Congress’s objections, and since all the other signators to the deal (Russia, China, Europeans) will go ahead with it anyway the deal is indeed pretty much a fait accompli. And most of the Israeli military and intelligence community is saying that the deal is Israeli’s best option and far from a disaster …


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