3 Great Chol Hamoed Events: Matzav Discount Ends Today


bellobration-chol-hamoedThis Chol Hamoed, you have a choice of three fantastic events to enjoy with your family.

1. The first is the Chol Hamoed Bellobration Celebration with Bello, The Yeshiva Boys Choir, Uncle Moishy and much more at MCU Park on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Ticket prices are $15, $20, $25 and $36. You will also receive free tickets to Wonder Wheel Amusement Park across the street. There is discounted parking on stadium premises.

Matzav.com Free Upgraded Tickets Special: Get five $25 tickets for only $100 – until Yom Tov only! Go to the purchase page, buy five or more $20 tickets, be sure to type in “Matzav Special” in the order comments, and you will receive $25 seats at the window.

2. The second fantastic destination is Six Flags New England. Experience the words tallest roller coasters among 11 thrilling coasters. Tickets are as low as $30.

3. The third exciting activity is at Lunapark, the largest amusement park in New York City. Tickets are as low as $20

For more information, be sure to go to www.cholhamoedevents.com or call 855-cholhamoed now.

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