Watch: Stunning Rendition of B’ein Meilitz Yoisher By MBD & Shira, Music By By Mendy H. Prod.


For the first time, MBD, Shira Choir and Mendy Hershkowitz performed the song “B’ein Meilitz Yoisher” live.

The song was released originally on the album “Let My People Go” back in 1986, 30 years ago.

At a recent event in Montreal, where an avid MBD fan requested to hear this oldie, Mendy Hershokowitz pulled this song from the archives, and put it to the test live.


Composed and Performed by Mordechai Ben David (MBD)

Arranged and Conducted: Mendy Hershkowitz

Shira Choir:
Yoley Horowits
Hershy Weinberger
Moshy Eisenberg

Drums: Isreal Reches
Bass: Mitch Friedman
Keys: Mendy Hershkowitz
Guitar: Ziv Shalev
Alto Saxphone/Flute: Avrumi Basch
Tenor Saxphone: Jean Bouton
1st Trumpet: Alejandro Berti
2nd Trumpet: Alain Desrochers
Trumbone: Carl Shickler
Strings: Claude Gelineau (1st Violin) and Co.

Video: Benhesh Studios

Mix and Master:
Eli Lishinsky and Mendy Hershkowitz


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