1 Israeli Dead, 2 Wounded in Attack on Syrian Border


syriaAn explosion targeted an Israeli civilian vehicle Sunday morning, killing a 15-year-old civilian and wounding two others on the Syria border. In response to the attack, IDF forces fired at military positions in Syria.

“This is not a case of errant fire, but of an intentional attack,” said IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. “The IDF will continue to watch the northern border and react to developments in the field accordingly.”

The explosion coincided with rising tensions in Judea and Samaria, where IDF forces are searching relentlessly for the three teenagers kidnapped by Hamas. Meanwhile, Gaza terrorists have increased their rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, threatening communities throughout the south.

Israeli officials are examining a range of possible causes for the explosion, including mortar fire and the activation of an explosive device. The vehicle belongs to Israel’s Ministry of Defense and was intended for construction work on the border.

As civil war rages in Syria, violence from the conflict regularly spills into Israel. Over the past several months, there have been various instances of the escalation of violence from Syria. In March alone, two Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists attempted to plant an explosive device near the Israel-Syria border in the northern Golan Heights. Later that month, a concealed explosive device was activated against IDF soldiers patrolling the Israel-Lebanon border. Additionally, an explosive device injured four IDF soldiers when it detonated under their patrol jeep near the Israel-Syria border.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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