‘Whistleblower’ Claims Clinton Cover-up


hillaryMark I. Thompson, a self-described whistleblower in the Benghazi hearings, will testify on Wednesday that then-secretary of State Hillary Clinton intentionally cut out the counterterrorism bureau from communication on the attack.

Thompson, deputy coordinator for operations in the bureau, leaked the scoop to Fox News, claiming he was threatened by unnamed State Department officials about coming clean in public.

Rep. Jason Chavetz (R-Utah) said Clinton put politics above security the night of the attack, while Greg Hicks, the second-highest-ranking American official in Libya, told investigators he thought it was an act of terrorism from the beginning. A State Department spokesman called the officials’ allegation “100 percent false,” while Clinton’s camp also denied the charges. Read it at Fox News

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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